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    DJ Soulflower djs (cds), mixes, remixes and produces some own tracks beside the dayjob. DJ Soulflower can be hired as a DJ for clubs, pubs, festivals, cafés, private parties and other celebrations.

    Enjoy the tracks, videos and get inspired.

    DJ Soulflower writes:
    Like many, I always have been interested in music. It has followed me in one way or another through life. At a very young age I was listening to my fathers ABBA tapes and wondered how music could be in the radio and also come out from there. Amazing. I even dismantle one of his radios to find out, we could never put it back together again.

    When our school-parties started, I was around ten years old and began to join the "partyfixingpeople", decorate posters, beg for candy in the stores, bring records and equip the party scene.

    It has followed me since then and when I got older me and my friend Petter started at DJ-group called "Delight". Yes I know, very corny. We had a lot of fun and made lightramps, rapped to instrumental 45's, sprayed our tag (hee), ordered clothes with our name on, scratched our parents poor record players to nearly death. (We had no turntables.) If you haven't already got it: We were the coolest thing on earth.

    When we were around 13 years old we had the opportunity to follow Petter's neighbour "Mr Lightman" to (at that time) a bigger discoshow, with the Swedish singer Lena Philipsson. Total happiness. We ran around, closely checking out every effect.

    The school parties continued and my interest for music grew. I started to buy hip hop records when I was abroad, collected mixed cassettes and listened to world wide radio channels to hear international modern music. I played the piano for awhile. I really wanted to play drums though, but my boring parents never let me. Wonder why...? Today, I'm very thankful for the piano lessons when I play on the synth.

    In university it was very important to keep the happy side alive to balance up the wise (?) choice of go through and finish one of Sweden's toughest university programs. I dedicated my freetime to djing, arrange and visit clubs, festivals and private parties.

    I've almost grew up (never will, it's a promise) and have to realise that time also goes to other things than music and creating good party atmospheres. Wish not. Nowadays I produce my own tracks on the side and really like that development. Constantly experimenting and evolving. Learning by doing. Mixing and remixing stuff is also great fun. Recommend it.

    I get inspired by life around me and other artists of course. Some artists that have inspired me are Daft Punk, Salt N Pepa, Joan Jett, Queen Latifah, Leila K, Conscious Daughters, Missy E, Madonna, Hole, Placebo, Garbage, Snap, KLF, Sisters of Mercy among others. I like to work with local artists, so if you are around and feel like doing a cool track, just take contact. Politics give also a lot of inspiration. There's a lot to burn for in my country. ;)

    Private I prefer to listen to powerful womenfriendly rock music. I like all kinds of good music though and listening to most of the genres. In my country music culture made by women need to get more attention, space, publicity and time on tv, radio, festivals, stores and other arenas where music takes up space. Today, much of our music are decided by men and their interests reflects the attitude and atmosphere at the dancefloors, in media-shows and other public (and private) areas which sometimes can be extremely uninteresting for a conscious feminist like me.

      DJ Soulflower's CD

    You can listen to DJ Soulflowers own produced cd in here. Inspired by the environment and everyday life for young women and the D.I.Y. movement. Dancefriendly music with influences from house, hip hop, trance, techno, tribe, club and local artists. The music is ment to be empowering, obvious, triumphant and strengthening.

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    Updated August 2007