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From DJ Soulflower's old album. Tracks made by DJ Soulflower 2004-2009.
60 minutes of dancefriendly electronic music with influences from disco, house, club, tribal, hip hop, techno and local artists.

DJ Soulflowers CD - 2006
DJ  Soulflower's   CD-R 2009
Special Edition

Manssamhället (Club Version)
DJ Soulflower Ft Kravallkören

Lyrics "Massamhället rasat ut för fjället. Drivhus-
blommans kvinnotyp ska dö. Himmel inte stampar vi på stället. Vi är trötta på att stå i kö."

Beijing Declaration - DJ Soulflower & Carina
Lyrics 'To all women here alive, a mile stone from the -95. Birth of Beijing Declaration to eliminate violence and discrimination. Fourth World Conference on Women there. Has it developed your living sphere?'

Women with an Ego - DJ Soulflower & Carina
Lyrics 'Women with an ego coming through and man we´re not here for you. Make some room on the dance floors and stop calling us whores now. Tonight we´re here to party too and we can never be owned by you, pimp.'

Sleeping Beauty - DJ Soulflower & Carina
Lyrics 'Move ahead, move along. Waiting is not a woman´s song. Bloom. Live your life. Choose your way. You have opportunities every day.'

Don't You Worry - DJ Soulflower & Carina
Lyrics 'Cause I will blow back life into your heart. Don´t you worry.'

VooDoo - DJ Soulflower & Carina
Lyrics 'Voo doo. Feel free dance til sunrise here with me. It´s a very hot and dry day and you´re miles away. In a suburban area too afraid of snakes and malaria. Strolling by on a dusty street with the boots tight on your feet.'

Selfconfidence - DJ Soulflower & Carina
Lyrics 'and know who you are. Your life is for sure not a game. We all got to have that name and fame. You´re so very beautiful and smart so just let those envy people fart. You´re brave, skillful and strong. Continue singing your song. Brilliant, focused and doing fine. Don´t through your pearls on swine.'

Twinkle - DJ Soulflower

Kulta Sisko - DJ Soulflower

Trancy pants - DJ Soulflower

Inspire - DJ Soulflower

Electrolyse - DJ Soulflower

Lilly Remix - DJ Soulflower
Ft Frida Selander

Lyrics Frida Selader´s lyrics: 'Sing for me. Dance for me. Dance.'

Belle Syndrome - DJ Soulflower
Ft Moira Sullivan

Lyrics Moira Sullivan´s lyrics: 'Stage Dreams and Flashbacks. Fantasy.'

You Can Make It - DJ Soulflower
Ft Asa and Carina

Lyrics 'Love yourself. Feel the rhythm. Dance to your melody.'

Let’s Go To Östersund - DJ Soulflower
Ft Ellen and Carina

Lyrics 'Let´s go to Östersund. Come on to Östersund. Hey, the adventure is here. Get into your sports gear. Hike those pretty hills and test your macho skills. Rest by the cosy fires'

Sappho’s Tribal Trance - DJ Soulflower

Lyrics Sappho´s lyrics: 'Twas this deprived my soul of rest, and raised such tumults in my breast'

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